What does it cost to adopt from China?

It usually costs approximately $17,000 to $22,000 to adopt a child from China. This estimate includes the travel to China and the accommodations while in China. Adopting from this country is a great option because the costs are not as high as some other countries. The following is an approximate breakdown of fees:

Application fee: $200

Agency fee to Decolores: $4500

Foreign fee to Decolores: $1680

Additional fees: 

$1000-$3000 homestudy (varies from state to state)
$5200 mandatory orphanage donation
$1,900 - Provincial adoption fees, U.S. visa for Child and medical Exams
$1,000 - Chinese guide fee
$400 - Transportation costs while family is in China
$35 per wire, when we send your money to China
$830  U.S. Immigration fee 
$350 Document authentication (varies from state to state)

$500 Post placement fee, plus two required post placement reports done by your social worker in the first year after the child comes home. 

All plane fares, visas, meals, and hotels in China (we will make the arrangements for you in China and will help you make the plane reservations).

Do I qualify to adopt from China?

The CCAA has some very specific regulations adoptive parents must meet in order to qualify to adopt from their country.

You must be at least 30 years old and no older than 54 years old.

You must be a married couple and have been married for at least 2 years before you can apply to adopt a child from China.

CCAA will accept couples who have been divorced, but there are restrictions:

Each spouse is allowed to have had 2 divorces, which means there can be a total of 4 divorces between the two spouses. However, neither spouse can have more than 2 divorces. For example one spouse cannot have 3 divorces and the other spouse 1 divorce, bringing the total of 4 divorces between the two.

If either spouse has been divorced and remarried, the couple must currently have been married for at least 5 years before applying to adopt a child from China.

Each spouse must have at least a high school education.

You cannot have more than 4 children under the age of 18 years old living in their home at the time they apply to adopt a child from China. The youngest child in the family must be over the age of 12 months at the time the family applies to adopt a child from China. However we are able to request a waiver for the adoption of a child with special needs.

You must have a steady job and should earn at least $10,000 per person in your family annually, including the child they will adopt. If only one of the adopting parents hold a job, this person must meet these income requirements for their family.

The couple should have net assets of at least $80,000 including their home and stock dividends. The formula for finding the weight index is weight in kilograms divided by the height in meters squared. An example of the weight restriction would be if a man is 5'9" tall, he cannot weight more than 268 pounds. If you have questions regarding the weight index, please call our office.

You cannot have a criminal record, including DUI's.

Prospective adoptive parents should not be taking psychiatric/mental health medication. Applicants who have not taken this type of medication for the past two years may be considered on a case by case basis.

    Our networking agency for this program, Wasatch International Adoptions, a Hague accredited agency licensed to process China adoptions, has provided us with an established China program and has placed many children from this country. When a dossier is submitted to China, both agencies will be involved in the process but Decolores will work directly with you as the adoptive family through all phases of your adoption.

    If you meet these qualifications, you are good candidates to adopt a child from China.   If you are interested in obtaining more information about adopting from China, please contact us today!   


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