What does it cost to adopt from Haiti?

·         Application fee: $200 non-refundable

·         Decolores Adoptions International Program Service Fee (agency fee):  $3000

·         BCIS  (formerly INS) fee: $545, plus $70 for each person in the adoptive home over age 18 for fingerprinting (additional charges for adopting more than one unrelated child) 

·         Haiti Foreign Adoption Fees

·        For Chances for Children Program $16,000 per child, plus $375 for translation, and approximately $450 for dossier authentication.
·        Foyer de Sion program is $10,000, translation is included.  This program is about 4 months longer than the Chances for Children program but is quite a bit less expensive.

·         Child's visa and medical check-up to enter the U.S: $450. Acceptance to both programs requires pre-approval.  There is no obligation required to complete a preapproval form. Please fax it to 312 604-3768 or mail it to: Decolores Adoptions, 9500 MT Hwy 324, Dillon, MT  59725  The form appears on the last page of this packet.

·         Travel to Haiti by one or both parents for three to four days twice during the adoption, once in the middle of the adoption , and once at the end to bring the child home.

·         DNA test cost of about $600 are sometimes required at the end of the adoption

·        Additional possible cost: DNA tests if required by U.S. embassy, $400 each person.

For families whose combined adjusted gross income is under $170,000 per year, IRS tax credits will repay you $11,600 per child against ANY expenses incurred in your adoption. This includes your travel etc.

Your Assistant

    Cyndi Peck, mother of four adopted and five biological children, is the Adoption assistant for Haiti.  Cyndi has worked in international adoptions since 1998 and with Haiti adoptions since 2003.  She will work with your family to prepare all the paperwork required for your adoption.

Find Out Your Options

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